2013 Miss Teen Canada – World Blog Network, Assignment Number Three

Good lovely morning Canada! Miss Teen CK here – and I’d like to give a big thank you to Signature Towels for graciously sponsoring the Miss Teen Canada-World delegates in our third official blog assignment! For this assignment, delegates were asked to imagine what their vision would be for a 30 second commercial TV spot! I have modeled for TV commercials before, however, I loved the chance to experience the making of a commercial from the other side of the camera – It was a very exciting challenge! To begin the creative process, I envisioned myself in the position of a marketing company executive and incorporated my inner creative marketing skills to put together a visual and context idea of a commercial that would engage all kinds of audiences to purchase personalized towels.

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION So here’s the big idea: Imagine that it’s finally summer vacation – and what better way to kick off the summer break then a fun filled road trip! Hanging out at the beach, having campfires by the lake or even going to an amusement & water park with friends or family! My vision is to incorporate summer activities to portray that there is something for everyone by showing a variety of settings, actors (families, individuals, friends) and activities – where personalized towels could be found during the summer break. I decided to break down the 30 seconds into different scenes where I could display my vision of the perfect, personalized summer experience to the best of my ability.

Scene ONE – Scene one begins on a beautiful Canadian beach setting – Four bright coloured beach chairs with fun personalized towels resting on top. Four teenagers run from the chairs into the lake while music will be playing softly in the background and then transition into pumped up music when the four teenagers run off towards the water. This first scene will set the summer tone for viewers! In this scene the camera will show 2-4 second clips of a road trip scene to the beach, campfires and swimming in the lake.

Scene TWO – The second scene will transition to a little boy that splashes the camera and a little girl drying the camera with her signature towel! At this moment my idea was to direct the viewers to a sports summer element. The commercial will show different sports at the beach – volleyball, tether ball, soccer etc… After a long game its great to jump in the water and then dry off with your very own signature towel!

Scene THREE – For the third scene I decided to display a change in setting: from the beach to an amusement and water park! The camera will come up on an individual going down a huge water slide with a great view of the park – The individual’s friend will hand him a personalized towel when he reaches the end point of the slide with a splash! The camera will then close up on some kids that are using the towels as superhero capes around the water park.

Scene FOUR – The setting returns back to the beach at sunset with a family sitting on their personalized towels as the sun goes down and fire works light up the sky! A perfect way to ending the perfect signature summer!

Scene FIVE: FINAL SCENE – At the very end of the commercial words will come on screen reading: “What will your signature summer be?” or “How will you live your signature summer?” This will link viewers to twitter by hash tagging their personalized summer experiences! Example: hashtag #mysignatureexperience or #signaturesummer on twitter for a give a way – such as products or a family trip, sponsored by Signature Towels! Engaging the world through the social media will most definitely create hype for both the products and the company!

Signature towels are great homonogrammed towels, plush towel, cottonuse warming, graduation and wedding gifts! These high quality monogrammed towels convey a personal touch which the recipient will love! A big thanks again to Signature towels for sponsoring the Miss Teen Canada-World 2013 delegates, and if signature towels ever does choose to create a TV spot for their company – I’m sure the Miss Teen girls would love to help and be a part of the commercial!

    How will you live your signature summer? – Miss Teen CK 2013

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