Hey there Canada! I can’t believe how the time has gone by! It was only July when I competed for Miss Teen Canada-World with all my sister queens, I miss everyone so much! Since the pageant my life has been pretty busy! This is a picture of me back home after nationals in Toronto – wearing my new and fabulous Costa Blanca dress! During the summer I went on a family trip with my grandma, uncles, aunt and cousins from Nova Scotia all the way to Florida – we stayed at the fountains resort in Orlando! We got to go to Disney World, Universal Studios and spend a day at Coco Beach. I really enjoyed spending time with my family and meeting new friends on my Florida adventure!

I have to say that September really did come faster than I expected! I’ve been very busy at my new job as a cosmetician at shoppers drug mart and I’ve done a couple more photo shoots including a photo shoot with my sister queen Tatiana (Miss Teen Essex-County 2013) and commercials with my sponsors at Gold Coast Fashions! It’s finally my senior year of high school, and on October 1st I celebrated my 17th birthday! So far, this semester I got the chance to plan my school’s annual semi-formal (masquerade theme) and represent my school as the arts minister on the student council! Of course being a pageant girl I have to say I am looking very forward to my senior prom – but that is about another semester away! A couple weekends ago I had the most amazing experience at We Day in Waterloo,Ontario! Myself, Tatiana (Miss Teen Essex County-World), Selena Wand (Miss Teen Grey County-World), Mackenzie Campbell (Miss Teen Southern Ontario-World) and Tricia Braunstein (Miss Teen South-western Ontario-World) all attended the event together and sat in the V.I.P seats! It was so much fun getting to spend the day with my Ontario girls – we’ve become such great friends since meeting at provincials almost a whole year ago now! As you may know, on our journeys to Miss Teen Canada-World 2013 we each raised money for the charity Free The Children, so it was so great to see that we made that much pf a difference for children in third world countries and got to be a part of something so amazing. I plan to continue helping out with Free The Children through Me To We – and may possibly be going on a Me To We trip in the near future to build a school! I am very excited for what the future has to offer!

Are You The Next Miss Teen Canada World?

The 2014 search is on! It’s not too late to apply girls – this is a once in a life time experience, where myself and many others created new memories and made the best of friends! This is your chance to represent your towns, provinces, territories and country as positive role models! Ontario girls – I will be meeting you at provincials on January 25th and 26th 2014 in Toronto! If you have any questions at all or need help before the pageant or maybe even afterwards please feel free to send me a message! I will be leaving you all my links below! I’m so excited for all of you applying and can’t wait to meet you all in January!

 Miss Teen CK Contact & Links:

Twitter: @missteenck2013
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Instagram: @missteenck2013
YouTube: ThePageantDiaries
Email: missteenchathamkent2013@hotmail.com

              Remember to always be your own kind of beautiful & best of luck ladies – Miss Teen CK 2013

Written by: Melanie Renaud

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