12552570_1072497132802815_9080413040953257369_n 12688008_1685614878369945_898080571631557045_n untitled2 12642557_1685615295036570_4993760272759984902_n - CopyHi everyone! Welcome to my blog. I am so honored to have been given the title of Miss Teenage Chatham Kent 2016. Throughout my rein as Miss Teenage Chatham Kent, I plan to host public events, fundraisers, and raise awareness for my platform, preventing animal cruelty. My journey will be shared on here, as well as my Facebook page.

A little about me: I am 15 years old, I am currently a student at Tilbury District High School, and I love sports! I love helping in the community, doing fundraisers, and being at public events. I can guarantee you I will be making the most out of my title! I have a passion for animals and writing, and my favorite subject is science.

I am very passionate about the idea of “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful” and will be encouraging young people to be confident in themselves, because I feel it’s very important to be yourself and feel confident in your own body, your unique traits make you who you are.

Until my next post,


Written by: Tori

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  1. Aunt Tam says:

    Very nice Tori. Did you see your picture in this week’s Tilbury Times? I thought it was a great shot of you – participating in one of the sports you love! 🙂
    Keep being you. <3

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