Hello from Jessica K, Miss Teenage Chatham-Kent Essex 2015!

I am so excited to go to Nationals! This has been such a thrilling experience so far, and I am ecstatic for what the future holds. Allow me to introduce myself… My name is Jessica K, and I am from Tilbury, Ontario! I’m currently 15 years old, but I’ll be turning 16 in less than a month (March 5th to be exact). I am Miss Teenage Chatham-Kent Essex 2015!

My favorite way to express myself is through art; painting, drawing, sketching, anything. I recently finished my 2nd year taking art at my current high school, with my awesome teacher Mr. Ostropolec! I intend on continuing to take art throughout high school, and possibly teach art classes as a co-op credit. After high school, I have plans to attend a University for fine arts, and potentially pursue a career involving art. Below is some of my artwork. Another way I express myself is through figure skating. I am a member at my local Figure Skating Club and I love it. When I go out on the ice I feel like I have no worries, and it really helps clear my mind when I need it. The coaches and skaters in the TFSC are all fantastic people; and I’m so glad to have them in my life!

This whole Miss Teenage Canada pageant thing is actually very out of the ordinary for me. I had never dreamed of being in a pageant, or striving to become Miss Teenage Canada. I actually saw an ad on Facebook about it, clicked into it, read a bit, watched a few videos, submitted an application and didn’t think much of it. Things got exciting when I ended up getting a call back; requesting an interview with Michelle Weswaldi (executive director). I was interviewed in November. Then, December 1st I received an email saying that I was selected as a delegate for Miss Teenage Canada 2015, and that I was to compete in Provincials in January! I was bewildered.

In the time leading up to Provincials, I fund-raised for Cardiac Kids; a charity that raises much-needed funds for children suffering from CHD (Congenital Heart Disease). With the help of my family, friends, and my amazing high school, I managed to raise $650 for Cardiac Kids!

Fundraising for Cardiac Kids with Tori and Rylee

I also had to pick out some attire for provincials. An evening gown, a black cocktail dress, swimwear, and some heels to be exact!

Thank-you to Enchantment Bridal and Formal Gowns for the beautiful gown!

Now that I’ve been crowned Miss Teenage Chatham-Kent Essex 2015, there are a lot of things that I would like to accomplish during my reign. One of the biggest things being volunteer work. I intend on putting myself ‘out there’ in my community as much as possible and making a difference in other’s lives.

So what else is there to know about me? I guess you’ll have to find out in my future blog posts – stay updated!


Jess ♡

Miss Teenage Chatham-Kent Essex 2015


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MissTeenageCKE

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jesskilloran

Instagram: http://instagram.com/jessicakilloran

Written by: Jessica

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