Hey there Canada! Only a couple weeks now til myself and over 70 other delegates nation wide get to live the Miss Teen Canada-world 2013 preliminary experience! I am so excited, as I have been very busy this last month – balancing out exams and still finding the time to put on my crown, sash and smile! 🙂 A couple weekends ago my home town put on the 68th annual Chatham Kinsmen Fair! I always loved going every year and this year I was more than happy to attend as Miss Teen Chatham Kent-World 2013 and help out with the weekend’s festivities. On the Thursday night I arrived to be a part of the opening ceremonies – where I gave out awards and introduced myself to all who came out for the carnival. I came back on the Friday night to introduce an amazing concert by Brooklyn Roebuck! Brooklyn is the YTV winner of the next star and Chatham-Kent is so proud of her! I met Brooklyn at Pure Dance Academy a couple years ago – we were both on the triple threat team at the time! It was so great to see this talented girl for the weekend, It feel like forever since I had seen her last! On the Sunday, myself and Brooklyn were co-judges for the Kinsmen Karaoke contest! The weekend was a success and so much fun – I even got to enjoy the rides! On the Saturday I went to the Fleetwood Country Cruise-In show in London,Ontario where I was a spokes model for SST – Sport Street Television with my sponsor Rick Walker of Maverick Multimedia. Myself and the beautiful Miss Maggie Yoell interviewed car owners, got to see some fantastic vehicles and needed the day on a sweet note with some frozen yogurt! I can’t wait to see this episode on channel CTV 2! Rick Walker also shot the Gold Coast Fashions commercial I modeled for that airs on both CTV and CBC channels! Last weekend I attended the 38th annual Thames ville Threshing Festival! On Friday night I participated in the biThamesville Threshing Festival-1g parade! I had the pleasure of meeting so many great people from Chatham-Kent’s local businesses as well as some local beauty queens who I had the opportunity to talk to before and after the parade! I met the Dresden Fair princess, as well as two other very beautiful girls, Nadine Smith – Dresden Exhibition Ambassador and Sara Boersma – Ridgetown Agriculture Ambassador! The four of us, of course got to practice our super fun queen waves – I think I got the hang of this now 😉 On the Saturday or the second day of the Threshing Festival activities, I showed up early in the morning for the baby show! I handed out awards to babies and toddlers in different age categories – grumpiest baby, best dressed, sleepiest baby, celebrity look alike, happiest baby etc… however, there was a surprise in store for those little ones, as I do love surprises! The surprise award was a random draw to crown both the princess and prince of the Thamesville Threshing Festival baby show! All of the participants were so very cute, and some also very talented! There was a little boy who we awarded a happiest baby award to who came up and danced for myself and the judges! My favourite part was seeing the outfits, as I do love my fashion – one of the baby girls had the most adorable and totally fashionable multicolored tutu paired with a knit flowered hair piece! Later on that day I helped out with the annual frog jump! This was the first time I had ever heard of a frog jump competition – as well as the first time I had ever seen one up close! Basically contestants have to chase a real live frog all the way to the finish line in a limited amount of time, First prize went to a young boy perhaps only in the 4-6 age group who succeeded in getting their frog to the finish line in 4 seconds or less! The overall winner took home a huge trophy, Age categories – first place second place and third place all received medallions and the participant with the lowest score but biggest spirit took home a cute friendly plush frog souvenir from the fair! It has been a very busy month for miss teen CK, but fun none the less! I am very excited to see all my sister queens at nationals! I look forward to seeing everyone out at the Canada Day (Canada D’eh) parade & Festivities tomorrow in Tecumseh park! I will be there in the parade at 4 o’clock on Sandy Street, and out and about in the park! 🙂 Stay tuned for more Miss Teen Chatham Kent-World 2013 updates through the social media! Like my official facebook page and follow me through twitter, instagram and pinterest as well @missteenck2013

Stand up, Stand out, Be your own kind of beautiful – Miss Teen Chatham Kent-World 2013 ♥

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