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IMG_0976.JPGI spent my weekend at the 70th Annual Chatham Kinsmen Fair, alongside two of my good friends, Melanie Renaud (Canada’s Perfect Supermodel and previous titleholder of my title) and Brooklyn Roebuck (winner of The Next Star).

IMG_0935.JPGI had an amazing time! The CK Fair is an awesome 3-day event that brings Chatham together with the use of delectables, animals, rides, games, and more!

11421663_803090146465874_110872633_nWe spent our time visiting and petting some of the exotic animals, including lemurs, camels, zebras, goats, and more! Melanie actually ended up getting her sash bit by a camel!

11291889_803090149799207_1110717349_nWe also went on a few rides including the Polar Express and the Zipper. We kept our heels on the whole time – dedication!

10414428_709972745781794_139797455203078601_nAfter greeting and mingling with some of Chatham’s residents, and enjoying some cotton candy, we called it a day.

Can’t wait til next year!

Jess ♡
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