Hey Canada! Hope you’re all having a wonderful Wednesday! Today I would like to talk to you about the importance of leadership and share with you my experiences as a “Link Crew Leader.” At my High school, Ursuline College Chatham (UCC) – I am very involved in many things. One amazing activity I take great pride in applying for last year, is also something I am very excited to apply for this year – Lancer Link Crew!

What is Link Crew?

Grade 9 orientation 🙂

Link crew is a high school peer mentoring & transition program for grade nines starting off their first year of high school. Leaders set out to guide these new students through their first year, welcoming and introducing them to their new school. Link leaders give great advice, or as the kids call it “high school survival tips” and share with the grade nines all the great opportunities the school has to offer. Link crew holds an annual grade nine orientation where new comers have a tour of the school and meet and greet with link leaders as well as their future classmates. Not only is this a great experience for the grade nines, but for link leaders as well! When I got accepted as a lancer link leader for 2012-2013 I learned the importance of being a leader and valuable leadership skills that can be applied to everyday life. I got the opportunity to help out the new additions to our school and share with them my successes and lessons I had learned in my years at UCC – and yes even leaders are aloud to have fun! Check out our Lancer Link Crew Harlem Shake Video! 😀

What does leadership mean to me?

Leadership is so much more than being followed by others. Being a leader is inspiring and motivating other individuals as a positive role model, as well as encouraging teamwork and involvement. As a link leader I encourage new grade nines to become involved at our school and become leaders themselves. From my experience as a former grade nine student going into high school, I was quite nervous but I had link leaders to help guide me and motivate me to put myself out there, which really did have a positive affect on my high school life. I became a part of my school’s musical and became involved in the performing art programs at my school which allowed me to open up more and make new friends – people who share the same interests and are just as enthusiastic about them as I am. Joining the musical also led to even more opportunities; like my school’s trip to NYC last year where we performed – which was truly life changing and a lot of fun! On the road to Miss Teen Canada-World I am involved on a national level, I apply leadership skills everyday when speaking about my platform, giving advice to girls all over Canada and raising charity funds for Free The Children. Being a leader is very important to me because it is taking a step in the right direction to making a positive difference in our world. I have a voice to speak out and encourage others to as well; in link crew I believe I can leave an impact on grade nine students to become involved as leaders in their school and in everyday life.

What’s my advice for grade 9’s about being a student at Ursuline College High school?

Most new students will find a difference in the homework load and it can be very stressful. My tip for grade nines struggling or in need of extras help with homework is to attend our after school help programs! These help programs run most week days after school and range in several subjects like math, science and English. I also recommend joining and participating in clubs and activities at school. I started off grade nine as a shy girl who didn’t really know where she belonged in such a big school. The transition from elementary school into high school can be scary at first – but by joining and participating in extracurricular activities I became more sociable, confident, made great friends and had a great sense of school spirit. Ultimately there are so many great opportunities in high school; where you can discover more about yourself, make new friends and most importantly have fun! I encourage grade nine students to get involved in our school and extracurricular activities so they can develop leadership skills for themselves as well.

“Don’t limit yourself, you have the potential to do and be anything you set your mind to.” – Miss Teen Chatham Kent-World 2013

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