As of today, I am now officially an organ/tissue donor, which can be used for transplants and research.

There are thousands of people awaiting critical organ transplants across Canada. Unfortunately, many people die waiting. In fact, every 3 days, 1 person in Ontario dies while waiting for an organ transplant because not enough of us are registered donors.

ONE donor can save up to EIGHT lives and enhance as many as 75 more!

Here are a few facts:

  • You must be at least 16 years of age to become a donor.
  • The first and foremost duty of health care professionals is to save a life. Only when a life cannot be saved does organ and tissue donation become an option.
  • Everyone has the potential to be an organ and/or tissue donor.
  • Most religions support organ and tissue donation or respect an individual’s choice.
  • Organ and tissue donation should not impact funeral arrangements.
  • Your donation decision is confidential and will only be disclosed at end of life for the purpose of sharing your decision with your family.
  • You can change or withdraw your consent to donate at any time.

So agree to make a difference today and register to become a donor. It’s easy and only takes 2 minutes.

CLICK HERE to register online!


Call: 1-800-263-2833


In person at any ServiceOntario centre

Feel free to encourage your family and friends to become organ donors as well, click here to SPREAD THE WORD.

Thank you so much for your support!
Jess ♡
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