On the shores of beautiful Lake Erie, shines one of Ontario’s most popular tourist destinations. People from all over the world come to Point Pelee National Park to observe water fowl and birds that can not be seen anywhere else in Ontario. As well as the yearly fall Monarch Migration, there are many other nature nights where you can simply enjoy the sounds and sights of nature.

point pelee

Located in Leamington Ontario, Point Pelee is the most Southern tip of Canada. There are lots of activities you can partake in.

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Point Pelee is a lush Carolinian forest, that has migrating birds in the spring, cicadas in the summer, and Monarch butterflies in the fall. The marsh is inhabited by a variety of waterfowl, fish and turtles, some of which are endangered. Point Pelee is one of Canada’s smallest national parks, but attracts more than 300,000 visitors each year. The park’s goal is to bring people and the environment together, and to preserve it’s natural state.  Point Pelee offers picnic areas, the Visitor Centre, famous vistas like the tip, a sandy beach, and the Marsh Boardwalk. Guests can partake in a guided tour. There are also hiking trails, and canoeing.

point pelee 3 More than 370 species of birds have been recorded in Point Pelee and the surrounding area, making it one of the premiere birdwatching locations in North America. Point Pelee is an important migratory step stop-over for neo-tropical migrants, both in the spring and fall.

Emerging monarch

  Emerging monarch

I highly recommend you visit this geographical treasure, with so many points of interest, it is sure to please everyone’s preferences.


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