Melanie Renaud, Miss Teen Chatham Kent-World here – reporting to you live from the much music studio! Just kidding, although I did have a lot of fun last week, along with memories that will last a life time. Last week I went off on an adventure like no other – I had absolutely no idea what I was getting in to before applying last year, but all i know is that I wouldn’t trade one second of my experience at Miss Teen Canada-World 2013 for the world. On July 20th 2013 I competed for the title of Miss Teen Canada-World 2013 along side 64 of the most gorgeous, smart and good hearted girls I’ve ever met! One thing that brings a smile to my face is the fact that in that week alone that I spent there, I became so close with these girls – I may not have been blessed with sisters growing up but through the pageant I can now say I have 64 beautiful sisters and life time friends. A big congratulations to Jill Martin – formally known as the beautiful Miss Teen Saskatchewan and now our new Miss Teen Canada-World 2013! Myself, Tatiana and Jill put on a little performance of the cup song by Anna Kendrick from “Pitch Perfect” at breakfast time before hitting the CN Tower in the morning! It was great getting to know this girl, along with all the new friends I’ve made from all over Canada! We are all so proud of Jill and I wish her nothing but the best in her reign! 😀

What were my favourite highlights of the week at MTCW2013?

To be honest, the whole week itself was a highlight! But if I did have to choose 3 highlights during the week I would have to pick the following three.

Meeting Luke Bilyk was for sure a highlight during my week at Miss Teen Canada-World 2013. Luke hosted the pageant along side Gina Omilon, Miss Teen Red Deer 2012! Not only did we get to meet Luke and Gina during rehearsals but we also got to know them backstage. I think it’s really cool how Luke Bilyk may be an amazing actor – playing Drew Torres from Degrassi, but he’s also a great guy, who’s funny and down to earth! I also loved getting to meet Gina – she’s so inspiring with what she has been doing in the past year! Gina Omilon is currently studying at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles,California! I hope one day I can be as successful as our amazing hosts Luke & Gina.

My singing performance at the Talent Gala night was another highlight for me! I love musical theater and Disney princesses so my talent was just as much fun to prepare as to perform. I dressed up as Belle from Beauty & The Beast in a costume my grandma had made for me and sang the song “Change In Me” from Broadway’s Beauty & The Beast. My vocals teacher and I had been working on this song for months and I was very happy with the final performance! I have uploaded a video of my talent as well as a few other video clips from the week on to my official YouTube account: ThePageantDiaries a clip of my singing was also played during my interview with Radio-Canada!

We had so much fun during the week that time just flew by! We got to see the CN tower, appear on breakfast television and new music live (muchmusic), visit the Toronto zoo, shop at the Eaton center and have a royal feast at the Toronto castle! My third highlight of the week would most definitely have to be dining at the Toronto Castle, I have never seen anything like it before! Daring sword fights, knights in shining armor and not to mention spectacular food! Something really fun about it was the fact that in medieval times… we eat with our hands 😉 bye bye dinner table manners! But let’s be honest, with food this good who really needs a fork and knife? Kennedy, Tatiana, Jackqueline and I sat together for the royal feast and caught a beautiful white carnation from our beloved yellow knight!

My stunning “twin” Tatiana has become one of my best friends through this experience and the great part is that we actually only live less than an hour away from each other! I am so glad I met her, and I’m pretty sure my little brother is still dying to meet her… he has the sweetest little crush on her! Tatiana, Miss Teen Essex County-World 2013 and I are planning on doing a photo shoot together sometime soon while we both still hold our titles! 🙂

What’s next for Miss Teen CK 2013?

A great thing about being a part of the Miss Teen Canada-World pageant, is that the experience has opened doors to so many new opportunities. I’d like to become more involved in acting, performing arts and modeling world – I’d also like to continue to be a role model in my community and inspire girls nation wide. I loved being able to promote a platform that means so much to me and to feel like I can make a positive difference in other girls’ lives by sharing my story as well as the MTCW motto – “Be your own kind of beautiful.” Michelle and Christi have been such great mentors and have taught me so much since I became Miss Teen Chatham Kent-World, It’s really been a growing experience for me and I cannot thank them enough! I’d like to thank everyone who has inspired, motivated and supported me through this incredible journey. Miss Teen Ontario-World was the first pageant I have ever done, and for that I am honored to have placed top 10 at the national pageant – Miss Teen Canada-World 2013! Many people have asked me what my plans are for the future in terms of pageants and if I will continue in pageantry. My answer to that is without a doubt yes! I’ve learned so much from my experience with MTCW and it’s a chance to meet so many amazing people, while representing my beautiful country, Canada. I would love the chance to compete at an international pageant in the near future. Miss Teen Canada-World holds the exclusive rights and licenses to send a contestant to an international competition of their choosing. They select girls each year from national rosters to compete – these girls get to travel the world and represent their great nation of Canada! Millie Rong – China and Aspen Sierra Dudzic – Canada are MTCW alumni and were both sent to compete and represent Miss Teen Canada-World at Miss Teenager in Panama! I think that the experience of an international pageant would be absolutely amazing! Another pageant I would also love to do is Miss Universe Canada, of course that is a few years away for me as I am still only 16. On the bright side that gives me time to train and who knows where I will be by then – the future is full of excitement and opportunity! Next year I’d like to help out at the 2014 nationals and maybe even appear at the provincials pageant where they will crown Miss Teen Ontario 2014 – applications can now be sent in online! Email: and request the forms! For now, I still have my title until next January and I will be starting my senior year of high school in the fall. It’s crazy to think of how much I’ve grown and learned in just a year, the things I’ve done within the year and all the great friends I’ve made along the road to Miss Teen Canada-World 2013. These are memories I will take with me and remember forever, but one thing I know for sure is that even though this pageant is over, by taking part in Miss Teen Canada-World, the experience has given me so much and there is so much more ahead of me… I’m excited to say that it’s not the end – it’s only the beginning. – Melanie Renaud, Miss Teen CK 2013

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