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Hey Canada! It’s Miss Teen Chatham Kent-World 2013 and guess what today is? I am so excited to say there are 100 days left until the Miss Teen Canada-Word 2013 national pageant: July 20th in Toronto! This April I will be attending local events and starting to make appearances in elementary schools to promote self confidence and a positive self image – my platform as Miss Teen CK-World.


I have already been interviewed on my local radio stations about my experiences at Miss Teen Ontario-World and my plans for nationals: CKSY and CFCO as well as RADIO CANADA – which was a french interview!

May 1st will be the start of my 6 weeks of raising money for Free The Children! I can’t wait to start contributing to this great charity and make a positive difference for children in third world countries. I am also looking forward to my photo shoot with enlighten studios early May – along with my other sponsors: Gold Coast Fashions – providing dresses, Better Body Tanning and Saffron Salon – styling my hair. The months to come will be busy leading up to July but all worth while!

Along with the 100 day countdown today is throwback Thursday! This is a throwback to the Miss Teen Ontario pageant, it was such a great experience and learning the swimwear walk was super fun! I decided to go all out in a pink sparkly Venus Swimwear bikini. On the road to Miss Teen Canada-World 2013 I will be sharing my tips on healthy eating and fitness on “Workout Wednesdays.” Stay tuned for my upcoming video diaries on Youtube where I will be posting tutorials and fun talks about my journey to Miss Teen Canada-World and stay up to date with future blog posts! xo

– Miss Teen C-K-World 2013 ♥

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